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The Beginning

by Hasan Davis on 05/21/14

Yesterday, I was witness to the most important moment in any revolution, the beginning.  In South East Colorado Springs, a low-income, predominantly Spanish speaking community, a small but determined group of champions gathered at a police substation. It sits just blocks from what has been deemed the deadliest intersection in the state of Colorado. Another young man was found dead there just this weekend.

Around the room they introduced themselves as school teachers and administrators, police officers and former offenders, honestly working class and obviously affluent, elite athletes and coaches.  Regardless of their stories everyone shared a sense of urgency to serve the young people that too many were writing off.

Yesterday, in this corner of Colorado Springs, the seed was sewn for a field of dreams -- soccer fields, actually football as one of the lifelong players was quick to correct.  They talked of creating football fields in an abandoned lot to engage youth and reclaim their community. Listening there as they talked passionately about football, I realized they talked life:

Success is about working hard, finding the hustle deep inside to get past your belligerent blockers, over your obvious obstacles and around your determined detractors. When you muster the discipline to be patient, your training and commitment will pay off with a shot at the goal.  The good players will strike the net without much effort or doubt.  The great players, well, the great ones will be the ones who have learned to reset their team at midfield, take another good look at the target, and then charge again and again until they finally get what they came for   GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLL!

According to the research of Peter A. Witt and Linda L. Caldwell every child needs:

  • to establish a pattern of autonomy and to experience being responsible for self and to others.
  • to find success and accomplishment in their own hard work and disciplined effort.
  • to develop a sense of acceptable behaviors and responses in a supportive  environment.

Yesterday a promise was made that the needs of the children in South East Colorado Springs would be met. I was honored to bear witness to that promise.

Hasan Davis, the former Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice, was visiting Colorado Springs this week to work with and organizations, including the Arc of the Pikes Peak Region and the Local SB94 Coordinating council. Hasan lives in Kentucky with his wife and two sons.

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