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Momma Said I Could

by Hasan Davis on 05/12/14

Today I celebrate the courageous caller, the word wizard, the truth sayer.
Today I recognize the one who set my gaze as sure as she set my path.
Through the darkest days when they warned her away saying "you may have to sacrifice this one for many." When she feigned deaf to their enlightened advice.
Through my stumbling and fits to be more than disappointment she convinced me that I was anything but.
"Inevitable Victory for Hasan with Love Mom," She said
"As long as you are brave enough to try, the world cannot prevent your doing!"
And with that, I dried my eyes and raised my head and invited her light to fill me. Together we began my journey out of darkness into Light...

Thank you Alice Lovelace. You are and always will be my Greatest Inspiration!


(Mother's Day 2014)

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